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In one of our Junior student's seminar class, when asked about what the students wanted to do in college and career, she noticed that 75% of her fellow Juniors had no idea and had no plan.  This sparked a concern, and then an idea to bridge her experience in work and internships in various science fields, along with the contacts she had made with scientists, and bring that to our students here at RECHS.

The idea of SciCareers is a simple one: for those who want a more personal and up front conversation with a large variety of people in science fields, this club was formed to allow for that conversation to occur.  We bring in STEM career individuals to RECHS to tell us what it is they do on a day-to-day basis, their likes about the job, their dislikes, potential pay, the road map they took to get there, and any other question you can think to ask will be answered when you join us!

Not only will be be bringing in people from the medical field (doctors, nurses, doulas, etc), but also engineers, chemists, computer scientists, nutritionists, physicists, environmental scientists (forestry, hydrologists, etc), city health personnel, and many more!

We meet the first and third Thursdays of every month in Room 203 (Mr. Culp's room), so please come join us as we explore the vast realm of SciCareers!