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AIM Club

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Action, Inspiration, Motivation!!

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2018-19 Officers:


President: Dafne López

Vice President: Xóchitl Rodriguez & Jessica Pérez

Secretary: Monce Marquez

Treasurer: Jenny Suarez



The North Carolina Migrant Education Program sponsors middle and high school clubs, called AIM Clubs, which help migrant students get involved in school.  AIM Clubs serve migrant students; however, at times they also included other non-migrant, mostly Hispanic students in the school.  While AIM Clubs are native to North Carolina, other states may have implemented them as a result of promotion and staff development. 

In addition, high school clubs for migrant students exist in some other states; however, those clubs have different names and may have different goals.  Clubs, typically, meet outside of the school day and involve students in activities that promote increasing their interest for remaining in school.  Club advisors include members of the MEP staff or other interested staff in the school.  The main goal of these clubs is to encourage graduation and college attendance among migrant students.